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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It 

(Abraham Lincoln)

Let's work together to empower you to reach unlimited potential

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Life Coaching Explained

A life coach can encourage you to work on a variety of personal and/or professional issues.  A coach can help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.

Life coaches motivate and offer emotional support so you feel more confident and capable of achieving your goals.  Together,  you and your coach can identify what behaviours may be stopping you from moving forward.

You are the expert in your life who knows yourself and has the key to what it is you want and need.  Coaches can help you to unlock your full potential. Every day we choose to do many things from ardent to trivial that either make our lives more or less fulfilling.  We may choose things that make us feel more or less balanced.   Life coaching can help you to examine what you are doing each day and help you to make choices that create a balanced and fulfilling life.

Let's get moving forward!

-Do you feel stuck at a crossroad and unsure what direction to take? 

-Have you recently gone through a life change (ie. divorce, job loss) and you're trying to determine what direction to take?

-Are you middle aged and the kids are grown and you are wondering what is next for you?

-Have you always dreamed of doing something and want to figure out how to take the next step?

Sometimes we reach a place where we want to move forward but find ourselves procrastinating because we can’t decide what we want to do next or we keep ourselves so busy we never take the time to work on what it is we really want.   This can be very overwhelming and make the process even harder!

Together we can explore what's possible by determining what is stopping you from achieving the life you really want!

A bit about me...

At just 29-years-old I was  already divorced with two kids and no job. It was an extremely stressful time for me and I didn't know what direction to take. After spending the next several years making very little money at a job I didn’t enjoy and struggling to make ends meet I set a goal to get my nursing degree.  Naturally, school came with it’s own stresses and it wasn’t easy juggling my family, house, homework and all that went into being a student after so many years out of school! 

As a nurse I have had the honour of caring for many people from all walks of life. I have had conversations with many people who are elderly and/or nearing death and learned what it is that people feel is important when they look back on their lives.  This has motivated me to want to help others to achieve their dreams so that they don't have regrets when the end is near and it is too late to go back and do the things they wish they would have when they still had time. 

As I embark on my journey as a life coach I hope to be able to help you to stop and take time to really reflect on what is important to you. I want you to  see the value of  investing in yourself and what it is you want to do next.  Life is never perfect, slows down for no one, is usually extremely unpredictable and can leave us all wondering what our purpose truly is.  But I believe we are all here for a reason. Don't let your true life's purpose pass you by because you feel you are "too busy" . Slow down, take a breath, dream big and remember that you have the power to do what it is you have a passion for.

Let me help you to  take those first steps toward a new future. 

"Don't die with your music still in you" (Wayne Dyer)